No shortage of treatments!


Wine spilled on carpet
For high traffic areas and areas most frequently used, we offer stain guard carpet protection.  This is applied to freshly cleaned carpets and rugs and acts as a shield against soil, water and stains.  Take the worry out of muddy shoe prints, spilled soda, or a tipped dinner plate. Your carpet can stay cleaner and brighter even longer!

We also produly offer fabric protection services to further extend the life of your furniture and upholstered items. Using industry-leading products applied by our experienced field technicians, we'll have your upholstered items cleaned and protected for years to come. Our protection services and products are also perfect for seat cushions in RVs and seats in automobiles.


Premier Carpet Van
With our top of the line stain and spot treatments, we are able to treat synthetic, organic, and petroleum type stains. We carry a complete line of stain treatment products that work with any spots you may have such as chocolate, ketchup, coffee, wine, dirt, mud, pet accidents, and more.  While we cannot guarantee full removal of all stains, we will make every effort possible to remove them.

In addition to our stain removal services, we also provide comprehensive odor removal and anti-allergen treatments for carpets across the region. Our methods for odor control include enzyme treatment, molecular modifying, fogging, and ozinating. Our anti-allergen treatments involve deep cleaning with specialized products designed to remove dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens from deep inside your carpet. We proudly extend our anti-odor and allergen treatments to residential, commercial, rental property, autos, and RV's. 
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