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Premier Carpet Care Van


How often do I need to clean my carpets?
The answer varies from property to property and is largely dependent on the level of traffic and dirt your carpets encounter. As a general rule, we recommend vacuuming at least twice a week. To greatly extend the life of your carpet, we recommend having it professionally cleaned it least once a year. 
What should I do before my appointment?
Vacuum carpets and rugs that we will be cleaning. Remove breakables and any miscellaneous floor items and move as much furniture as possible. We will not move items such as grandfather clocks, beds, china hutches, entertainment centers, pool tables – we reserve the right not to move any household object that we do not feel comfortable with. Please secure your pets!

Can you remove all my stains?
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in stain removal! Some stains may be difficult or impossible to remove. But with our complete line of stain treatment products, we will make every effort to remove them. 

How long will it take for my carpet will dry?  
Normal drying time is 1-3 hours depending on the temperature and humidity. 
Ensure your carpet is completely dry prior to placing anything wood or metal back in its place. 

What if spots reappear after my cleaning?
Some spots may reappear. If you are not 100% satisfied with the cleaning results, we will return and retreat the area at no charge, within 2 weeks of your cleaning. 

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