Tile & Wood Floor

From ceramic tile to wood floors, let us restore the look

Ceramic Tile Cleaning


Dirt and contaminants cause your tile to look dull and grout to darken which at-home cleaning methods cannot fix. In order to ensure that your ceramic tiles are cleaned to spotless perfection, it's important to enlist the help of trained floor-cleaning professionals like our technicians here at Premier Carpet Care. 
When we come to your home or business for cleaning, we bring our powerful truck-mounted cleaning system. Powered by our truck's V8 engine, our cleaning machine uses industrial-grade pressure and hot water cleaning to remove years of grout from your tiles. For our ceramic tile cleaning and grout sealing, we use a rotary brush to combined with pressure and hot water to provide just the right amount of abrasion. The soiled water is then extracted through our powerful vacuum pump and your floor is dried by our team. As a last step to ensure prolonged cleanliness and protection, we apply high-quality grout sealer to your floor.
Clean Wood Floor


There's nothing quite like a clean, shiny wood floor. With our wood flood cleaning services we can extend the life of your wood floor while leaving them clean and shiny. We eliminate dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants that can weaken your wood floor and eventually lead to costly repairs.
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